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We are Delaware Interventionist Organization founded to help all misfortunate individuals overcome their emotional issues. Depending on your condition and addiction you are fighting, here we can offer you our support and welcome you to our small group of people who are facing the same problems. 


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It doesn’t matter what type of problems you are facing, you can always call for our help and we would gladly deliver our expertise to your home.

Alcohol Abuse 

There are a lot of individuals who are experiencing this issue, and they don’t know how to quit. With our help, you will overcome all difficulties in no time.

Drug Abuse

Like any other addition, drug abuse is a severe problem for many young people. That’s why we offer innovative programs which can assist you in your treatment.


Group Meetings

To help our patients socialize and see that they aren’t the only one who are having the same health issues, we often organize the group meetings.

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    There are several reasons why you should select our organization and start with the treatment right away.

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    First of all, we will protect your privacy and the privacy of your closest one and your family. 
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    Second, you will be working with an excellent team of people who are educated in this field. 

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