The Most Common Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

Alcohol abuse symptoms are very easy to identify, but unfortunately, alcoholics often fail to recognize them. Alcohol abuse is a state where an individual has problems controlling his drinking, and his entire mind becomes preoccupied with alcohol. This is a severe condition and can cause many health problems. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be even more severe.

On the other hand, some people are afraid or even ashamed to ask for professional help, if you fall into this group, then here are alcohol abuse symptoms that might interest you.

You don’t have limit

Once you start drinking and if it seems impossible to limit the amount, then you might have a problem. People often neglect this condition, thinking they are under a lot of pressure.


Or they are experiencing some emotional issues. But, this shouldn’t be your excuse, you need to have the willpower to stop at any moment you want.

You fail at every attempt

Even when you try to stop the drinking habits and you don’t have enough strength to go with your decision, then you are already abusing alcohol. Did you have many unsuccessful attempts? Have you try to cut the alcohols, but you didn’t make it? If your answer is yes, then you need professional help.

You have a strong urge

If during the day, you are experiencing the strong urge for alcohol and you can spend a couple of hours without it, then you have a problem, and you are on a good way to become an alcoholic.


In this case, your body got accustomed to alcohol, and now you crave it all the time. This is the perfect timing to start with a treatment, or with some therapy to clean your body.

Failing at work, or school

Many people who are alcoholics have a hard time keeping tracks of their daily task. They are other disoriented, unfocused and don’t pay attention to important things. This is one of the reasons, why they get fired or fell behind in school. Their mind processes only one thing, and that’s alcohol.

Freddy Earnest